Orchid Tapes OCT061
  • LP: Green Vinyl
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Yohuna is Johanne Swanson. "Beautiful, layered music that mostly resists classification: too pop to be electronic, too soft to be rock, too X to be Y, too A to be B (...) Take “Lake,” the opening song off Yohuna’s long-time-coming debut LP, Patientness, which is out now on Orchid Tapes (and includes a re-recorded version of beloved, Hunger Games-referencing "Badges"). With a bittersweet cloud of synth and guitar, "Lake" sounds like a summer spent in the shade of a tree, a meditation on a passing moment. The light on the lake/ How it gives and it takes/ Like a summer/ Far away, she sings. It sounds a little electronic, a little rock, and a little pop. But it’s not quite any of those things." (The Fader)

Yohuna: Patientness

lake Yohuna 6'55''
the moon hangs in the sky like nothing hangs in the sky Yohuna 6'09''
world series Yohuna 4'45''
creep date Yohuna 3'51''
golden foil Yohuna 6'42''
apart Yohuna 6'15''
steel sinks Yohuna 3'56''
badges Yohuna 6'37''
patientness Yohuna 5'59''

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