Yugen Disciple

Luxury Flat

Youth YO3TH
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Sub-heavy, dreamlike AI techno from the mysterious Yugen Disciple.

‘IBEX 2’ is hypnotic techno that would kill in a big-room, ‘Luxury Flat’ is a pulsating, monotone banger. On the B side ‘Pattern Recognition’ is a timeless slice of electro finished with the a late night trip on the Japanese bullet train with ‘Shinkansen Blur’

For fans of Shinichi Atobe, Donato Dozzy, DJ Sprinkles, Lee Gamble, Other People Place.

Yugen Disciple: Luxury Flat

IBEX 2 (MD-Ao2_XOX-101) Yugen Disciple
Luxury Flat Yugen Disciple
Pattern Recognition Yugen Disciple
Shinkansen Blur Yugen Disciple
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