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The original orchestral/electronic score from Karel Kachyna’s 1976 Czech film adaptation of Hans C. Anderson’s ‘The Little Mermaid’, composed by Zdenek Liska (The Cremator / Fruits of Paradise) featuring Lenka Korinkova.

Liska’s legacy in the history of European cinema is huge in volume but relatively modest in it’s celebrity. Having already composed nine scores for Kachyna’s films to add to his 1976 filmography of 150 completed soundtracks. Mala Morska Vila is one of the most idiosyncratic and haunting undiscovered scores in the annals of European cinematic history.

Much like the previous Finders Keepers firsts (Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders and Daisies) this soundtrack is available for the first time ever.

Beautifully remastered from the original mastertapes with the full cooperation of the seminal Barrandov studios in Prague.

Zdenek Liska: Mala Morska Vila

Malá Morská Víla Zdenek Liska
Witches Firewall Zdenek Liska
Pearls From The Deep Zdenek Liska
King Of The Ocean Zdenek Liska
The Pendant The Little Mermaid (Theme) Zdenek Liska
The Song Of The Siren (Theme) Zdenek Liska
The Sixth Sister Zdenek Liska
Statue Of Salt One Zdenek Liska
Aquatic Babicka (Theme) Zdenek Liska
In Safe Hands Zdenek Liska
Aquatic Babicak (Song) Zdenek Liska
The Black Sea Zdenek Liska
Statue Of Salt Two Zdenek Liska
Carodejnice's Castle Zdenek Liska
The Song Of The Siren (Song) Zdenek Liska
Prince Of The Southern Empire Zdenek Liska
Games Echoes Zdenek Liska
The Kiss Zdenek Liska
Ascension To Fireworks Zdenek Liska
Bird In A Cage Zdenek Liska
The Voice Zdenek Liska
Behind The Rock Zdenek Liska
Sunken Dagger The Little Mermaid (Song) Zdenek Liska
The Pendant Zdenek Liska

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