Yön Magneetti Sine

Edition Telemark 785.09
  • LP: Edition of 300 on blue vinyl
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Edition Telemark presents the ninth album by this long-running improvisational noise & electro-acoustic project, founded in 1999 and originally called Angel, recently renamed as die ANGEL. It is the duo of German musician Dirk Dresselhaus alias Schneider TM, who has been active in electric and electronic music since the late 80s in various bands and projects ranging from rock music to electro-acoustic improvisation, and Ilpo Väisänen, well-known for his work in Finnish electronic duo Pan Sonic beginning in 1993, as well as, more recently, in a number of solo projects.

die ANGEL's music inhabitates the no man's land between improvised noise and electro-acoustic music, with tracks incorporating processed electronic sounds, instruments, and field recordings. Yön Magneetti Sine is their most stripped-down album to date, completely recorded in July 2017 in Väisänen's cottage near Karttula, Finland. It contains five improvised tracks featuring only processed acoustic signals from two self-built one-string resonance instruments, a spring, and an acoustic guitar. Both one-stringed instruments were built by Väisänen from parts of a weaving loom, a bench, and two barbecue bowls.

All tracks were recorded live without overdubs and, according to Dresselhaus and Väisänen, relate directly to the surrounding landscape and the special atmosphere of the white nights that occur in central and northern Finland during summer. To them, the music heard here is to be called blues, albeit with non-standard instrumentation and structure. Thus, their working title for this album was "The Electro-Acoustic Blues Album". Edition of 300 on blue vinyl in full-colour sleeve with various photos of the recording process and the surroundings.

die ANGEL: Yön Magneetti Sine

Untitled die ANGEL
Untitled die ANGEL
Untitled die ANGEL

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