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shortly after the release of their second full-length album, mark fell from snd teams up with hobby industries for a very special 12", containing solo material only. recorded at the same time as the sessions for the mille plateaux album 'stdio',
however, it is even more stripped down in parts than snd, the few remaining elements have even more space to develop their own ideas or to fight against high-speed dsp-processors. with the six tracks for hobby industries, the listener is confronted with a kind of rougher, more direct approach compared to earlier releases. speed, groove, repetition do not recognize the authority of sequencers, bpm's or grids here. in this sense it is closer to his work as shirt trax (on or).
mark has just completed a remix of the project. but this was not just a normal remix process. for the project he fixed light sensors to the top of a disused lighthouse and got people with torches to activate the sensors. this manipulated the patterns and sounds to create a remix.
mark fell is from sheffield where he grew up and studied. he works with mat steel on snd (mille plateaux) and with jez potter as shirt trax (or).
Enjoy your Hobby!

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1 (HI009) .h 5'25''
2 (HI009) .h 5'19''
3 (HI009) .h 4'47''
4 (HI009) .h 6'46''
5 (HI009) .h 3'18''
6 (HI009) .h 5'01''