Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne

Midira Records MD 046
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øjeRum is a Danish artist who focusses on collages and on ambient music, using the same approach by bringing different elements together to create a conclusive new piece of art. The album “Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne” combines those two artistic approaches and the result is a beautiful album with a collage artwork by øjeRum and a 20minutes long ambient track in two variations.

“Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne” is Danish and means “Even In Dreams The First Snow Glows”. Side A features a 20minutes long ambient track, which evolves out of short loops that model themselves into a floating, waving and mesmerizing soundwall. Side B features a different version of the track, formed of the same melodies like on side A, but this time played on cello by Aaron Martin. øjeRum arranged the cello parts, like using his own ambient loops. The result is a cello based track with also evolving sounds that seem to change during the track. You also get the idea of vocals or other instruments, but it´s just the looped cello themes.

Bonus Digital Track: Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne (Dual Version). This version brings both tracks together into one and shows a new perspective. This track is only available with the download code, that is included in every vinyl order.

øjeRum: Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne

Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne øjeRum
Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne (Strings by Aaron Martin) øjeRum

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